West End Square is a neighborhood park for the West End Historic District’s growing population, and designed to be a testing ground for incorporating technology in a public space to support maintenance and operations 

West End Square - Before West End Square - After

West End Square broke ground in January 2020 and opened to the public on March 26, 2021. Formerly a surface parking lot, the site has been transformed into the only neighborhood park in the West End Historic District.

James Corner Field Operations, the landscape architect and design lead, developed a steel shade structure that wraps three sides of the park, referred to as the “Frame.” The Frame activates the street edge by creating a diversely programmed threshold between the Historic District’s sidewalks and the Square’s garden interior. The Frame’s major design elements include: 

  • The Porch Featuring porch swings hung from the Frame’s edge along North Record Street that provides a relaxing environment for all ages.
  • Outdoor Workroom Located beneath the shade canopy created by the Frame, this space houses a 50-foot-long table fitted with charging stations and Wi-Fi.
  • Innovation Arcade The Frame along the park’s Market Street edge is designed to host temporary installations, performances and artwork.