About Us

Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy (DDPC) is a nonprofit organization advancing the long-term development and support of public parks within the urban core. We promote a livable, environmentally resilient city center through advocacy for parks and green space.

Our vision is to nurture and protect Downtown Dallas neighborhood parks, creating an urban environment that spurs moments of inspiration and restoration. As park stewards and advocates, we strive to engage and serve the community by maintaining high-quality public amenities and horticulture. Everyone deserves access to the benefits of nature and play in their downtown spaces.


When DDPC was formed in 2015 (then known as Parks for Downtown Dallas), we had one mandate: implement the city’s 2013 Downtown Parks Master Plan Update, creating a new neighborhood park system by converting surface parking and vacant lots into city parks in Dallas’ central business district.

The Priority Parks program, a public-private partnership between the Conservancy and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, has converted more than 14 acres of surface parking lots and vacant land into Pacific Plaza, West End Square, Carpenter Park and Harwood Park. The end result is a network of public spaces that makes the city center a more walkable, healthy, green and dynamic experience.


Following the completion of four Priority Parks downtown in fall 2023, the Conservancy’s focus has shifted from park design and construction to championing and nurturing this new urban park network. As the nonprofit developer of five Downtown Dallas parks, the Conservancy has extensive knowledge of these parks and is wholly devoted to ensuring that they are maintained at a high level in partnership with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and Downtown Dallas, Inc., the manager of the Public Improvement District. 

The Conservancy is continuing its efforts to raise $50 million to fuel its mission and aspiration to support long-term maintenance and improvement of these urban parks that provide nature and play in the middle of Downtown Dallas.

This is an ambitious undertaking. Please consider showing your support for your Downtown Dallas neighborhood parks — both new and existing — with a tax-deductible donation of any size.

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