Parks for Downtown Dallas Announces Name Change to Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy

September 12, 2023

Dallas, TX, September 12, 2023. Parks for Downtown Dallas, a nonprofit foundation focused on the build-out of a neighborhood park system in Downtown Dallas, has changed its name to the Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy

“When Parks for Downtown Dallas was formed in 2015, we had one mandate: implement the City’s 2013 Downtown Parks Master Plan Update by converting surface parking and vacant lots into city parks that serve current and future generations of Dallasites,” said Amy M. Meadows, president and chief executive officer of the Conservancy. 

The nonprofit worked in partnership with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and 24 different City of Dallas departments, commissions and boards to acquire the land, design, and build four “Priority Parks” identified in the City’s 2013 Downtown Parks Master Plan Update. This public-private partnership has resulted in the addition of Pacific Plaza, West End Square, Carpenter Park and Harwood Park – 14 acres of green space within the 1.5 square miles that comprise Downtown Dallas. The four parks have opened in a sequence over the last four years. 

The name change reflects the Conservancy’s commitment to these new parks in the urban core and its aspiration to cultivate a community of donors and volunteers who support all public parks within Downtown. 

Meadows continued, “As we approach the opening of Harwood Park on September 23, the Conservancy’s focus is evolving from park design and construction to championing and nurturing this new urban park network in partnership with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and neighborhood stakeholders, especially the Public Improvement District that underpins Downtown Dallas, Inc. We are grateful for the critical role Downtown Dallas, Inc. plays in overseeing the activation of Downtown along with providing enhanced security and cleanliness. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with our City partners and the Downtown community to sustain and enhance these public parks for all of Dallas.”

The Conservancy is continuing its efforts to raise $50 million to support its mission and the long-term needs of this network of parks in the urban core. Robert W. Decherd, the Conservancy’s chairman, is leading this work which thus far has raised approximately $18.5 million.

About Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy

Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy (DDPC) is a nonprofit organization advancing the long-term development and support of public parks within the urban core. We promote a livable, environmentally resilient city center through advocacy for parks and green space.

Our vision is to nurture and protect Downtown Dallas neighborhood parks, creating an urban environment that spurs moments of inspiration and restoration. As park stewards, builders and advocates, we strive to engage and serve the community by maintaining high-quality public amenities and horticulture. Everyone deserves access to the benefits of nature and play in Downtown.

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About the Priority Parks program

The Priority Parks program is a public-private partnership between Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy (DDPC) and the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department (DPARD) that has resulted in the addition of four urban neighborhood parks. The Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s 2013 Downtown Parks Master Plan Update identified the four “Priority Park” sites to serve the growing residential, worker and visitor populations in Downtown Dallas. 

DDPC and DPARD opened Pacific Plaza in October 2019; West End Square in March 2021; Carpenter Park in May 2022; and Harwood Park opens on September 23, 2023. 

The public and private sectors jointly funded park development, including: $39.4 million in City of Dallas bonds, approved by the citizens of Dallas as part of the 2006 and 2017 Bond Programs, $2.6 million from the City Center TIF district, and $51 million from the Conservancy and its donors. The total development cost of this four-park program is approximately $93 million.

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