Pacific Plaza

The second park in line on the Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy schedule is Pacific Plaza. If the City Council includes the full $35 million in matching funds in the 2017 bond program, then those near the Harwood Street pedestrian corridor could be enjoying a lovely green space instead of surface parking lots.

The plan is to transform the existing concrete into a neighborhood park in the heart of downtown. This idea has been in the queue for a decade, as the land was acquired for $9.1 million with 2006 bond funds. There’s a small, existing pocket park, Aston Park, located at the corner of N. Harwood Street and Pacific Avenue, that will be folded into the Pacific Plaza design plans.

Two public input meetings were held in March at the start of the design process. The feedback from those has informed SWA’s design. For SWA to complete the schematic design process, another public input meeting will be held in September to gather feedback on the design, as well as the closing of one block of Live Oak Street that cuts through the park.

So, make your voice heard by attending the Pacific Plaza public input meeting in September.  Check in with Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter for meeting updates and more information on our plans.  These are ultimately your parks, and we need you to help make them the best they can be!