Downtown Dallas Park is Renamed Civic Garden

June 17, 2021, Dallas, TX – The Dallas Park and Recreation Board unanimously approved a new name for Belo Garden at its meeting today. The 1.7-acre park located in the heart of the Main Street District of Downtown Dallas will be known as Civic Garden and Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy will soon install signs that showcase the new name.

Belo Garden was developed cooperatively by the City of Dallas, Maureen and Robert Decherd, Belo Corp., and The Belo Foundation. The Decherds and the Belo-related entities donated more than $7.8 million to build the park, which was identified as a potential site in the City’s first-ever Downtown Parks Master Plan approved in 2004.

The park was created to honor the employees of A. H. Belo Corporation and Belo Corp., past, present and future. These institutions have owned and uplifted The Dallas Morning News, WFAA-TV, and many other news organizations across the United States. The name change follows A. H. Belo Corporation’s recent decision to change the Company’s name to DallasNews Corporation.

Downtown Dallas Parks Conservancy CEO Amy Meadows notes that Civic Garden is a fitting name for the park, which is just a 10-minute walk from Dallas City Hall. Meadows said, “Since the park opened in May 2012, it has been a key location in holiday parade routes and gatherings to support a wide range of social causes. Civic Garden is an apt name for this park and reflects the long-time priorities of The Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV.”

The permanent endowment established by Maureen and Robert Decherd will continue to support enhanced maintenance and capital improvements for Civic Garden. Meadows added, “Thanks to the generosity of the Decherd family, Civic Garden will continue to thrive as a natural gathering place for citizens to relax under the shade of the tree canopy, play in the fountain, and practice their First Amendment rights.”